Adore Extra Conditioning Semi-Permanent Colour – Product Review

I normally use semi-permanent colour from the Elegant Collection, but one of my best friends applied Adore after her last touch-up and she hasn’t wanted to apply it again since then, which was 4 weeks ago. Normally, ALL of my colours is gone by 2-3 weeks! She also said that Adore gets her hair feel more moisturized than any of the other colours she’s applied. I chose to give it a try since I wanted to use some colour this week anyway.

Product Description
Gentle No Heat Formula with Natural Herbs & Vitamins to defend and sustain hair. Great for grey hair. No Ammonia, Peroxide, or Alcohol. Super mild semi-permanent hair colour for all hair kinds. Enriched, the long-lasting formula nourishes hair as it colours, leaving hair soft, silky, and attractive. Includes aloe vera, vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, and herbs.

Adore Extra Conditioning Semi-Permanent Colour review


For expert use only. May be used quickly after relaxing. For best effects, use the whole bottle. Apply a large amount to shampooed towel-dried hair and comb through and process for 25 minutes. Freshly comfortable hair may require less time. No heat is required. For grey hair, place a cap over hair and process with heat for 15 minutes. Rinse completely and style as usual.

My Experience
I used the Velvet Black rinse to my freshly co-washed hair. The first thing I saw that this product is not as dark and thick as the one from my natural rinse. I took this to indicate that there is more conditioner in it. I then wrapped my head with a plastic cap for about 20 minutes without heat and 10 minutes with heat. When I rinsed it out, I didn’t see as much “black water” in the bowl, so I thought that the colour must have added to my hair. I also shampooed once with Creme of Nature – still no black water! I deep accustomed with heat for 10 minutes with ORS Replenishing and still didn’t see any black water when I cleaned it out! I attended it up with my usual leave-in, coconut oil+water spray and serum+water and roller fixed my hair.

My hair grew out very soft, moist and thick-looking. It’s only been 2 days, here you’ll get best hair colour products tips and reviews, so the jury is still out on how long the colour will last and how well my hair will hold moisture. If it still holds up like this, I will displace the Elegant Stock with the Adore.


I also ordered some shea butter oil, and I have to say that I wasn’t dazzled. Through raw shea butter is way too huge on my hair, so I thought the oil would be great. It didn’t get my hair feel as soft or look as bright as I hoped. I’ll just apply it on my skin and stick to coconut oil and grapeseed oil on my hair…

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